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Small Business Advertising

Window Shop NEPA provides local business owners an opportunity for free small business advertising. Our classified ad system is free to use for residents and business owners from Northeastern PA.

Small businesses can take advantage of a free classified style advertisement for their product or service as long as it pertains to Northeastern Pennsylvania. There is also a thread in the NEPA Now forum dedicated to small business advertising.

How to Advertise your Small Business

It is necessary to sign up for a free account but there is no financial commitment whatsoever. You have full control over the advertising content and the duration of the ad as you will post it yourself.

The advertising can contain a photo and your web address (if applicable). Simply select the appropriate category for your classified-style advertising and fill out a simple form. Just retain your login information and update at your own discretion.

Your small business advertising can run as long as you like, these ads can be re-posted when they expire. There's no tricky free trial period or any commitment on your end, just a free small business ad. At Window Shop NEPA advertising your business has never been easier.

GET STARTED NOW by placing a free small business advertisement for your locally operated establishment.

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