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Wilkes-Barre PA classifieds are available to residents and business within city limits and anywhere in the surrounding area.

Free Classified Ads in Wilkes-Barre, PA

Residents of the Diamond city can take advantage of our free Wilkes-Barre classifieds.

Our ads get exposure throughout Northeastern PA and they don't cost a penny. Check out the many ads for used cars and motorcycles, computer equipment, golf clubs, real estate and land, atv's, antiques, and much more.

It is easy to place an ad if you have an item for sale. You can also include a 640 x 480 picture to go along with your ad (which greatly increases your chances of getting a response). It may not beat the Square or Wyoming Valley mall, but shopping from home is certainly convenient.

These Wilkes Barre classifieds are risk free and can be modified or deleted at any time. If you've got something for sale, give it a try.

A little about Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania...

Wilkes-Barre shopping mall in NEPAIt's a little known fact that Wilkes-Barre was actually founded well before Scranton, PA. The Diamond City was established back in the late 1760's and incorporated as city of Wilkes-Barre in 1806.

The city gets its name from the two settlers who founded it, John Wilkes and Isaac Barre. This is a little known fact for those unfamiliar with historical data about the city.

Wilkes-Barre beer in NEPAWilkes-Barre is a valley city and is situated in what area residents call the Wyoming valley. This phrase most often is exemplified by the somewhat famous shopping hub called the Wyoming Valley Mall.

welcome to Wilkes Barre in NEPA The Wyoming Valley mall actually opened to the public just before Hurricane Agnes flooded the city and the surround towns. Following construction of the mall and its opening in 1971, the surrounding area blossomed with businesses.

It would go down in history as the worst natural disaster to ever strike the Wyoming Valley. The rebuilding and recovery process would take a decade following the flood, but the Diamond city once again shines.

Wilkes-Barre PA classifiedsA system of flood protection levees now keeps the Susquehanna River in check during major storms. The city has come back from the brink of destruction and has returned to its former glory.

The city now hosts a semi-pro hockey team in the arena. You can find world class entertainers at the Kirby center from time to time. You can also try your luck in a casino on the outskirts of town. There are plenty of opportunities to keep the locals busy.

Wilkes-Barre square in NEPAWindow Shop NEPA provides free Wilkes-Barre classifieds for residents and businesses in the area. Take this opportunity to advertise virtually anything free of charge and target residents and potential customers in the Wyoming Valley. Enjoy...

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