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Tanglwood Ski Area

The Tanglwood Ski Area has been a winter destination for families of NEPA and the Poconos for years. This scaled down ski resort is nestled in the mountains of Northeastern PA overlooking Lake Wallenpaupack. Unfortunately Tanglwood Ski Area has closed.

Tanglwood Ski Area We Remember

The views from the lodge and top of the hill are amazing, they always have been and always will be. I've personally spent many nights on these hills skiing and enjoying the outdoor life of NEPA.

To me, Tanglwood always seemed like the best kept secret in the area, I never quite understood why more advertising wasn't done aside from the usual local ads.

The property has changed hands a number of times over the years, always re-opening for the winter ski season. But the fate of this gem seems to be up in the air at this point. I decided to drive to Tanglwood ski area and see for myself where it stands.

The pictures displayed on this page were taken at the Tanglwood ski area taken in January 2012. Not much in terms of natural snowfall, and obviously no snow-making either.

entrance to Tanglwood ski areaThis is the sign marking what appears to be the entrance to Tanglwood Ski Area. Photo was taken in January of 2012.

Although the sign looks worn from weather and years of NEPA winters, it is a symbol of the existence and maybe even the hope that the ski resort is still in operation.

This sign is visible from RT 390 in Tafton. Turn the corner and head up the mountain with high hopes of seeing the ski lifts moving skiers up the hill.

Be careful as you ascend the mountain, the road leading to the ski area is winding and not all that wide either. Incidentally the web address listed on the sign didn't work at the time.

Tanglwood Ski Area Parking Lot

Tanglwood ski sign in parking lotThis is the sign that greets you as you enter the parking lot circa January of 2012. Obviously someone decided to deface it.

Ironically the spray-painted vandalism symbolizes someone's frustration with the ski area and its total silence. Not a skier in site, no cars in the parking lot, and no activity on the slopes today. The parking lot, however, seems as though it would readily accept automobiles and buses with eager ski-crazy patrons at any moment.

It's a shame there are no cars in the lot, and no life in the lodge or lift-ticket windows. It feels like a ghost-town. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has driven into this parking lot only to be met by disappointment.

If you had an opportunity to learn to ski at Tanglwood, as I did, it makes it all the worse to see it so desolate.

Tanglwood Snow Tubing

Tanglwood snow tubingAhh, the ol' Tanglwood snow tubing sign. I must admit, I never snow tubed here, I guess I'm not big into snow tubing, but it looks like fun if you're not into skiing.

This sign is just another in a series of dead ends. There can be no snow tubing if there is no snow. I'm not seeing anything that looks like snow from this perspective. The lackluster winter makes the mountain look like a slanted pasture of brown grass and nothing more.

The snow guns are silent as well. Somehow I picture the snow tubes deflated and piled high and waiting to be filled with life.

The Barren Ski Slopes

Tanglwood ski slope in NEPAThis is the view from the top of the mountain overlooking the lodge and Lake Wallenpaupack off in the distance, again circa January 2012.

This should never look so desolate in December or January of any year. Judging by the total abandonment of the ski slopes at this time of year, I would expect the ski area wouldn't see any action this particular season.

Local skiers should look to next year because you never know what the future holds. At the time of this photo, the resort seemed to be intact and literally waiting for snow.

I haven't heard or read anything lately regarding the official status of Tanglwood, but I believed at the time there was plenty of potential for the ski area to become active again.

Until recently, I was unaware of the liquidation auction that took place here. I know there are plenty of skiers besides me that are anxious to test their skills on the Wildcat. Hopefully something good will happen in the future here.

The Paupack area needs Tanglwood ski area to stimulate the area in the winter months as things really quiet down here after Labor Day weekend.

Recently I returned to the mountain and snapped a few pics. The sign at the bottom of the hill, as well as the sign marking the entrance to the parking area have been removed. The chair lifts have also been sold at auction, dismantled, and removed.

Help Us Out...

I'd like to set up an album in the photo gallery if anyone wanted to contribute any snapshots of Tanglwood Ski Area that they may have taken over the years. Contribute your Tanglwood photos here.

If anyone would like to contribute a Tanglwood timeline or any historical facts, I would be glad to post them up here. Use our forum if you would like to contribute any info.

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