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FAQ About TV Antennas

Here is a list of frequently asked questions regarding TV antennas and their use in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

  • How much does an antenna cost?
    Rooftop outdoor antennas can cost as little as $50 but can cost well over $150 for larger units. Unfortunately bigger is better. The larger sized antennas will receive more of the broadcst signal. Some lower channels (2-6) may need larger antennas to receive their longer wavelength. Larger, more expensive antennas also become directional which reduces ghosting.

  • What is the monthly cost?
    TV signals are free for public use and there is never any recurring cost. The antenna is used to harness the free signals generated by your local TV stations. The TV stations are supported from the commercials and advertising blended in with the programming. There is no monthly fee for the consumer and no bill to pay beyond the purchase and installation of the antenna.

  • Do I still need cable or satellite service?
    Cable or satellite service would only be needed if you wish to receive their channel inventory. Caceling your cable TV or satellite TV service would eliminate your monthly bill.

  • Can I still use my VCR and DVD player?
    Your VCR and DVD player will continue to function as usual. Movies and other programming can be purchased or rented at your local supermarket, movie distributor, retail shopping center, etc.

  • What TV channels will be able to see?
    Typical stations viewable in Northeastern PA are WNEP, WBRE, WYOU, WOLF, and WVIA. Fortunately each station represents a major television network.

  • Does bad weather affect TV reception?
    Heavy precipitation can have an affect on your reception as it does with satellite television. Cable television is the only method of TV delivery that would not be affected by precipitation.

  • Can I put the antenna in my attic?
    Yes you can, however it is not recommended due to interference from the building structure itself. Locating a TV antenna in the attic versus on the television itself may provide better reception due to its higher position in the residence, however outdoor installation is still the best method.

  • Do indoor antennas work as well as outdoor antennas?
    Outdoor antennas generally work better. Outdoor antennas will have a better view of the transmitting station, with no structure-induced signal loss. They will receive less interference from other household electronic/electric appliances, and they are less likely to receive reflected ghost signals from the building itself.

  • Where do I buy the antenna?
    Believe it or not, your local home improvement center may have antennas and antenna mounting accessories. Local electronic stores may also stock a basic antenna. Online antenna retailers who specialize in antennas ideally will stock more antennas and mouning hardware than anyone else.

  • Who will install the antenna?
    Indoor antennas can be installed very easily by following the instructions supplied with the antenna. Attic mounted antennas can also be installed by the do-it-yourselfer. Rooftop antennas should be installed by a qualified installer with knowledge and experience regarding TV reception.

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