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Scranton PA classifieds are available to residents and business within city limits and anywhere in the surrounding area.

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City residents are encouraged to take advantage of the free Scranton classifieds provided at Window Shop NEPA.

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A little about Scranton, Pennsylvania...

Scranton PA bar in NEPAFrom a historical perspective, Scranton became officially incorporated back in 1856. This, of course, was a result of the surrounding environment which included an abundance of the black natural resource called anthracite coal.

This city really began to blossom in the next few decades as the first electric trolley system was introduced. The iron and steel industry also helped propel Scranton forward. These industries were amplified due to the coal mines in the region.

Scranton PA museum in NEPAWhen the iron ore industry began to falter, the coal industry emerged as the area's primary source of revenue.

As we know today, this industry also fell from grace as other natural resources began the favored method of power and home heating. The decline in industry overall, led to the city's fall from grace.

Scranton PA courthouse in NEPAAlthough Scranton is a city cloaked in financial problems, it is still home to a great many hearty residents.

Recent media attention has been focused on finances more often than improvements and growth within the city. The central city is still home to many life-long residents who have no intention of straying elsewhere.

Scranton PA library in NEPAScranton, Pennsylvania is home to a world class university as well as other places of higher learning.

College life in the Electric City has developed a positive reputation on a national level, attracting students from all over the country. The student population here in Scranton has helped the local economy in more ways than one.

Scranton PA city in NEPAThe Scranton classifieds at Window Shop NEPA provide an opportunity for city residents and local businesses to advertise free of charge. Take advantage of these online resources, and enjoy your day in the Electric City.

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