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NEPA Book Stores

Your next favorite book store could be located in your neighborhood, you may just not know it yet. NEPA book stores are not quite as common as they once were, but there are certainly some large scale book selling establishments throughout the area.

NEPA book storeBooks for Less in NEPA... Select from many books as well as all other types of media.

As they say at BAM, "there's something special about a bookstore". BAM makes its first appearance in Northeast PA located within the old Borders store in Dickson City. They bring a special presence to northeastern PA. The cafe in their Dickson City store is a great place to sit back, chat, read, and enjoy a hot cup of java.

As for their books, their complete inventory is also available for home delivery. They are a great example of the ideal NEPA book store.

NEPA book sellerBarnes & Noble is a name familiar to many book worms.They boast some of the largest warehouses across the United States, and stock over 1 million book titles for immediate delivery... that is more titles than any other online book seller.

Their book search engine enables customers to locate books by title, author, or keyword in just a few seconds at most. They have a physical presence in Wilkes-Barre, PA for those NEPA shoppers who wish to visit the store in person.

The Book Giant versus the Small Book Seller

Many book enthusiasts enjoy the the brick and mortar book store environment and the atmosphere of books combined with the aroma of coffee and fresh pastry.

NEPA has a number of large scale book stores that match this criteria. The newest location to arrive on the book scene is the BAM store in Dickson City. It is housed in the old Borders location.

The interior of the store looks remarkably like the old Border book store in Dickson, not that there's anything wrong with that...

Barnes and Noble is also a great book store with a substantial selection of all kinds of media. Other smaller locations are also available in NEPA for the book worms to enjoy.

If you've got books of your own to sell, place an ad in the general category of our classifieds. It's more or less a category for miscellaneous items, but used books and other media would certainly qualify as miscellaneous.

If you've got a locally owned and operated book store you'd like to advertise. You can place a classified as well in the appropriate category. Business ads always run for free in the classified ad section of Window Shop NEPA.

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