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NEPA Addiction Rehabs

NEPA addiction rehabs are available for those in need of counseling and assistance with substance addiction.

NEPA rehabs for drug and alcohol addiction, locations, and treatment options

We will be updating this section with a more complete listing of NEPA rehabs shortly. For those in need of help with drug and alcohol addiction, NEPA offers multiple well respected substance abuse rehab services. For now, we have listed basic contact information for NEPA based rehab facilities.

  • Substance Abuse Services of Luzerne, Wyoming County
    307 Laird Street Wilkes Barre PA 18705 Phone: (570) 552-3700
  • Marworth Treatment center
    Lily Lake Road Waverly, PA 18471 (570) 563-1112
  • Clearbrook Manor
    1100 East Northampton Street Wilkes Barre, PA 18702 (570) 823-1171
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