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Watch NEPA TV Stations for Free

It's a concept long lost by satellite tv dishes and extensive cable networks. It has been cast aside as old technology or a thing of the past. But tv was not designed to be pay per view.

TV commercials pay the bills for the tv stations and major tv networks... so why should you pay to watch television?

Cable and satellite TV bills can range from $40.00 to as much as $140.00 depending on stations and programming packages that are selected. This is of course a monthly subscription fee and far from a one time payment. This can really add up over the course of a year.

The television antenna has no monthly fee, it never did and it never will. Your local TV stations based in Northeastern PA are available to watch for free using a traditional TV antenna. The is no subscription, no monthly package, and no recurring costs.

The TV antenna is viewed as old technology. This image is portrayed intentionally by the cable and sateliite television providers, simply put, they don't want you watching television through an antenna because they can't profit.

The biggest advantage to using a paid service such as Comcast, Adams Cable, Direct TV, or Dish Network is of course the number of available channels. The amount of channels can range into the hundreds.

If you find yourself watching hundreds of tv stations every month then a TV antenna isn't for you. The antenna is limited to accessing only the stations that are within its range. In Northeast PA, the local stations are WNEP, WVIA, WBRE, and WOLF.

This list is a conservative prediction of local tv stations that are available. Depending on the specifics of your antenna installation, you may be able to receive stations that do not appear in this list. There are environmental factors such as your home's elevation and the existance of tall buildings in your neighborhhood.

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WNEP in NEPA     FOX TV in NEPA     WYOU in NEPA     WVIA in NEPA     WBRE in NEPA
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