NEPA   (pronounced enee'pee'ay)
Noun Definition: Abbreviation for a geographic location, the region of Northeastern Pennsylvania, a place
Example "I enjoy living in NEPA".

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What does NEPA mean?

A: NEPA is the abbreviation for the specific geographic region of Northeastern Pennsylvania. NEPA is an abbreviation commonly used by local residents to describe the Northeastern corner of PA. The abbreviation NEPA is short and sweet and easy for visitors and those who live outside the region to remember. NEPA could possibly be considered an acronym for Northeast PA as well.

Q: How much does this service cost?

A: Nothing...Window Shop NEPA is a completely free service available to residents of Northeast Pennsylvania and the surrounding area within a reasonable driving distance.

Q: Nothing is Free, what is the Catch?

A: There is no catch, there is no email list, no spam, and no hidden costs. There are a few premium features available if you'd like to purchase optionally, but this is at your discretion. This website is mainly supported through the small ads that appear throughout the site. Feel free to support our sponsors.

Q: Should I be afraid to post my personal information such as a phone number online?

A: No more afraid than posting it in your local classified ads of the newspaper. Even though "Window Shop NEPA" is available from anywhere in the world on the internet, it is only advertised in our area, therefore it is unlikely your ad would be answered by someone out of our region.

Q: I've seen other classified ad sites, why should I use yours?

A: Why not, you have nothing to lose but a few moments of time typing your ad. Your ad does not have to be exclusive to Window Shop NEPA.

Q: How long will my ad listing last?

A: You make the choice of 30, 60, 90, or 120 days.

Q: How can I post a photo with my ad?

A:Yes. After you submit your ad you will be asked if you would like to attach a photo, you can actually attach two photos if you like.

Q: Can I place an ad for a local business?

A: Absolutely! Commercial ads within Northeastern PA are welcome the same as private ads. However, the approval of commercial ads is at the discretion of the site owner. Ads featuring 'get rich quick' schemes or similar subject matter may be rejected. The ad should be placed in its respective category and limited to 100 words.

Q:What if I change my mind about selling?

A:Simple, follow the easy directions for removing your ad by entering your ad number and password.

Q: I've placed an ad and I've received a blank reply to the ad. What should I do?

A: A blank reply to your ad simply means someone not interested in your item is interested in your email address for spamming. Our mail system handles the replies so your email address is safe, unless you reply to the blank email. Our advice is simple, don't respond to a blank email.

Q: I've received a suspicious, generic reply to my ad What should I do?

A: A generic response such as "I'm interested in you item" means someone is "phishing" (hoping you will reply with personal information). Our mail system handles the replies so your email address is safe, unless you reply to the suspicious, generic email. Our advice is simple, don't respond if this the email sounds too vague, or if they contact you from abroad.

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